Trim Optimization Frequently Asked Questions


Have you ever wondered what trim optimization is and how it works? Read the top questions asked when assessing trim optimization by production planners, supply chain managers and experts in the manufacturing industry.

Trim Optimization FAQs

Trim optimization is a term often heard within the manufacturing industry, but what exactly is trim optimization and how does it benefit the paper & pulp, plastic film, metal, nonwoven and converting industry?

Greycon have compiled a list of the top questions asked by manufacturing mills and plants when they assess if trim optimization meets their needs.

What is Trim Optimization Software?

A trim optimization system is a software application that works out how to combine orders on a paper machine, a film line or in metal conversion so as to achieve objectives such as waste minimization. In today’s highly competitive environment paper mills, plastic film and metal conversion plants use trim optimization software to improve material utilization to improve productivity, lower trim waste and provide rapid response to unforeseen events.

How Does Trim Optimization Software Work?

The software works by calculating the best possible cutting methods to achieve the lowest possible waste and patterns. Information such as pattern run length, soft maximum width, big & small reel constraints and multiple winders/multiple primary machines are all considered, as the software delivers the best possible outcome based on the business’s objectives.

How Many People Use Trim Optimization Software?

Due to its cost and time-saving benefits, trim optimization software is an industry-standard for paper & board, plastic film, nonwovens and sheet metal manufacturers. A large number of these manufacturers have implemented trim optimization software across the globe. Greycon’s solutions are currently used by more than 1,500 planners around the world.

Who Benefits From Trim Optimization?

Trim optimization software is utilized by a wide range of users within the manufacturing industry. Each user has their own specific interests and expectations from the software.

Operations Managers

  • Make the most of time and resources to produce a high volume of products.
  • Meet customer demands and distribute as soon as possible.

IT Managers

  • Implement new software as smoothly as possible.
  • Provide the most effective IT solutions to all staff members.

Supply Chain Managers

  • Meet storage, handling, and distribution schedule of materials.
  • Maintain a swift production flow achieving the highest possible output while lowering waste.

Site/Plant/Mill Manager

  • Ensure that all areas of the mill are running efficiently.
  • Manage and evaluate the day-to-day work of key staff members such as Operations, IT and Supply Chain Managers.

Is Trim Optimization The Same For All Manufacturing Companies?

Each manufacturer comes with their own specific requirements in relation to the machinery that they use, production capacity, required patterns and inventory level. The X-Trim solution offers a bespoke service delivering results to the customer’s needs in granular detail.

How Long Does It Take To Install Trim Optimization Software?

Good communication between Greycon and manufacturers is key to achieving a fast installation time. Should a manufacturer have a specific unique need from the software, this could lengthen the installation process. Greycon’s X-Trim solution can usually be up and running within a matter of weeks.

How Much Does Trim Optimization Software Cost?

Installing trim optimization software is an investment, not a one-time purchase. The cost will be reflective of the level of support the manufacturers require. Each cost is individual and tailored to provide the manufacturer with the best possible solution.

Once Trim Optimization Has Been Implemented, What’s Next?

Once the software has been implemented it is time to start saving on trim waste and reducing patterns. X-Trim customers often see a return on investment within a matter of weeks after the implementation process. Greycon provides ongoing support to their customers ensuring that there is always an answer available for any software questions. X-Trim is regularly updated and improved as new methods of trim optimization are discovered.

Does It Work For Multiple Mills/Plants?

X-Trim has the ability to work seamlessly across multiple mills and plants. Understandably, each plan/mill comes with their own needs and X-Trim can differentiate between these needs to deliver a bespoke service to different locations.

Does It Integrate With Our ERP Software?

X-Trim seamlessly integrates into many popular industry platforms, bringing together world-leading expertise to help our customers capture the benefits of both services.

This includes SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and various commercial ERP systems.

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