Trim Optimisation

  • Are you experiencing too much waste or too many patterns?
  • Can you source demand from a mixture of primary production, semi-finished and finished stock?
  • Does your system improve over time, incorporating machine learning?
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A world-class trim optimisation system used for reel and sheet production in the paper & board, plastic film, metal, converting, and nonwoven industries. Powerful, state-of-the-art multi-threaded algorithms find the most efficient trim solution to achieve the best possible result for your business needs.

X-Trim X-Trim utilises state-of-the-art trim algorithms

Key Benefits

  • Reduced trim waste from primary slitting.
  • Decreasing the time spent by planners on trim optimisation.
  • Increase secondary process productivity.
  • Creating efficiencies for knife changes and pattern count.
  • Free mobile calculator app saving your team valuable time.


Now incorporating machine learning and patented algorithms, X-Trim® is the most widely deployed and deeply functional trim optimisation system in the world. Minimising waste to improve bottom-line profits, X-Trim is capable of handling a wide range of deckling calculations and is designed to resolve the most complex of problems. X-Trim has consistently achieved savings of up to 4% of production capacity compared to other systems in the marketplace.

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What does a 1% saving on your waste look like?

Use our calculator to find out how much we predict you could save annually from your waste reduction by implementing a trim optimisation solution such as X-Trim.

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Key Features

  • Constant, variable and multiple diameter problems
  • Multi-site optimisation
  • Core cutting optimisation
  • Multi-primary machine
  • Stock conversion module
  • Load planning optimisation & transportation mode
  • Simple, bi-winders and quad-winders
  • Incorporated Machine learning
  • Multi-language capability
  • Parallel processing on multi-core platforms

Functional Highlights

Multi-primary Machine Solutions

Manage multiple primary machines, whether these represent machines in different sites or master stock of different sizes while also taking into account transportation costs and load planning issues. Given an order that may be split across more than one primary machine, the program determines how best to split it according to optimisation criteria and run-length constraints.

Associated with each primary machine there is an operating cost and the value of waste; these are used for global optimisation.

Stock Conversion Module

Meet orders from any mixture of finished and semi-finished products, including the following routes:
•      Jumbo reel stock
•      Parent reel stock
•      Sheet stock
Users can also consider using obsolete stock, trimming around defects on jumbo stock reels, while taking care to only place splice-tolerant orders on top.

Incorporating Machine Learning

By predicting the outcome with realistic accuracy, machine learning within the software allows the user to better decide how to make use of their time. For mid & large solutions, machine learning can predict the likely benefits of applying pattern reduction.

Refined models will become available and deployed as training sets are extended.

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Position Constraints

Each order may have a position constraint, such as “not at the edge” for situations where the profile characteristics of the primary machine are perceived to be non-uniform. Other position constraints include front & back, left & right, minimum distance from the edge, and various other options.

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Knife Change Minimisation

Sophisticated mathematical optimisation can post-process a solution to achieve minimum knife changes, changing the sequence of the patterns and the parent reels within them. This can achieve savings, depending on the circumstances, of over 40%.


Our solutions seamlessly integrate into many popular industry platforms, bringing together world-leading expertise to help our customers capture the benefits of both services.

This includes SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and various commercial ERP systems.

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About Greycon

Established in 1985, over 500 plants in 43 countries use our solutions. Our extremely skilled and talented employees cover 15 languages across our worldwide operation.

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