Greycon in the Metal Industry

The challenging dimensional requirements of the metal industry fits exceptionally well within the solutions that Greycon has established as the world-leader for roll and flat sheet industries.

Greycon provides optimization at multiple stages of the production and planning process to the steel service centres, and tubes & pipes industry, allowing significant savings, quick return on investments, and better decision making.

What To Expect

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Inventory Management

Offers real-time visibility of on-site inventory during sales order optimization. Streamline restocking by producing materials of the right dimensions when needed based on demand for finished goods.

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Production Efficiency

Ability to combine and optimize multiple master coils vs multiple sales orders or demands in quick turn environments and make informed decisions about utilization of existing stock reels.

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Stock Reduction

Reduce aging of raw material and stripes inventory from 4 weeks to 1.5 weeks with FIFO strategies whilst also reducing semi-finished stock to increase inventory turnover rates.

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Rapid ROI

Experience a rapid return on investment in less than 2 months with increased production throughput, reduced waste & overrun.

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Seamless Implementation

Successfully integrate the X-Trim software into a nonwoven manufacturing setup within just 5 weeks.

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Waste Reduction

Attain up to 20% less trim waste (from 2.04% to 1.65%). Cut scrap metal by 0.5%, reducing waste and achieve a trim waste reduction rate of just 0.80% of total production.

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