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Greycon in the Plastic Film & Flexible Packaging Industry

Greycon’s presence in the plastic film industries has grown tremendously, with the realization that Greycon’s solutions provide a competitive edge and a return-on-investment that is measured in months for both bubble and conventional line processes.

of the top producing film & flexible packaging manufacturers utilize Greycon solutions
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150 Million
solar panels use film optimized through X-Trim
More than 1,100 planners use Greycon solutions each day

What To Expect

  • Provide user visibility of all available inventory on-site when optimizing daily sales orders or demands
  • Increased production throughput, reduced waste & overrun
  • Manage restock process, providing ability to produce the right widths & lengths at the right time, anticipating business demand for finished goods inventory
  • Better choice of optimal widths to re-stock
  • Return on investment in less than 2 months
  • Increased inventory turnover rates
  • X-Trim implemented in film manufacturers within 5 weeks
  • Instances of up to 20%-30% reduction in trim waste
  • Increased throughput with wider optimal master reels
  • Reduced setups concerning pattern changes and knife changes

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