• Do you want an industry-specific MES, that has deep understanding of your business, and evolves over time to meet the challenges of tomorrow?
  • Do you struggle providing genealogy and traceability?
  • Do you want to provide operators with optimization-based assistance, even in the middle of the night?
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Streamline and scale your production with GreyconMill, the industry’s leading Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software for paper, film, non-woven and converting producers. It monitors and controls your production processes, complementing the production planning functionality provided by X-Trim and opt-Studio, and serves as the system of record, providing full manufacturing traceability while eliminating paperwork on the shop floor.

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Key Benefits

  • Align the shop-floor with the planning process by transmitting schedules to the operators electronically and collects production feedback.
  • Enables quick reaction and process flexibility if unplanned events occur during execution.
  • Serves as the system of record, providing full traceability and genealogy.
  • Increases asset utilization and operation efficiency, monitoring business performance metrics, such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and highlighting bottlenecks and idle times.
  • Improves daily practices and workforce collaboration providing common screens across the plant operation.
  • Assists in continuous improvement methods evaluating quality against customizable profiles and tracking defects to classify material automatically.
  • Identify pain points in production due to breakdown or quality issues
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GreyconMill™ is a new-generation, industry-specific Manufacturing Execution System. For a plant producing or converting sheet materials, GreyconMill optimally plans, executes and controls production whilst providing full traceability.

Key Features

  • Worry-free integrated trim optimization and scheduling with X-Trim and opt-Studio
  • Best in class: Hot Trim functionality
  • Easily manage patterns
  • Assign permissions per individual for accountability and control
  • Associate quality profiles for laboratory test targets
  • True parent to child roll genealogy, including lab tests
  • Statistical process control for quality management
  • Associate Bill of Materials (BoM) with production orders to track raw material consumption real-time
  • Record and monitor machine stoppages including causes to identify pain points and assist in the maintenance department
  • Hand-held devices give the ultimate freedom and flexibility
  • Support label printing and integration (barcodes, RFIDs, etc.)
  • Detailed production and quality history
  • Create pick lists and manage loads
  • Forward shipment and invoicing information for ERP and finished goods warehouse
  • Integrate to Process Control to send work instructions and receive real-time production updates
  • Remotely accessible reports to measure OEE as well as the rest of the required KPIs
  • Advanced analytics to correlate quality issues to process parameters
  • Detailed tracking of each roll’s location, quality and status
  • Inherit defects from parent to child rolls and track the full defect genealogy

Functional Highlights

Production execution in GreyconMill

Production Execution

Register items as they are produced in all the stages of the process. Each registration links the input items and raw materials with the resulting items.

GreyconMill natively understand all the geometry behind the transformations in the process (winding, slitting, sheeting, coating, laminating, and more).

Traceability and Genealogy through all stages, including Geometry

Innovative architecture allows tracking of any converting operation and modelling all processes in the mill easily. This functionality provides assistance in case of a customer claim.

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traceability and genealogy through all stages, including geometry in GreyconMill

Unlimited Customizable Label Creation and Printing

Print labels automatically after each operation, with fully customizable information and layout, including barcode and RFID.

Process Control Integration

Designed with an extensible architecture to address the great variety of protocols and devices used in the industry.

Overall equipment effectivesness (OEE) in GreyconMill

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Users can query historical data for analysis of machine availability and performance, as well as produced items quality. OEE performance is traffic-light colour coded as a clear visual cue.

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Machine Learning

Machine learning makes it possible to learn from data collected in the MES solution to make predictions, such as reducing product defects. The collection and storage of all of this information presents a huge opportunity to use machine learning for improving a mill’s performance.

This is powered by a lightweight data historian

Machine learning in GreyconMill
Screenshot of Greycon product

Bill of Material (BoM) and Consumption Tracking

Save time by downloading the bills of material directly from the scheduling system. Each operation may have multiple BoM’s, meaning one can be used for the pulp mix and another for the color.

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Transportation Planning of Orders and Despatching

Plan the transportation of orders based on pre-set routes, while different loading, transportation and delivery calendars can be assigned to each route.

Transportation planning of orders and despatching in GreyconMill
Warehouse management in GreyconMill

Warehouse Management

All material is tracked and the position recorded to allow operators (for example, forklift drivers) to know what material to pick up and where to leave it, regardless of its location.

Performance, Costing Analysis And Reporting

All machines have events recorded and reason codes and comments can be left by the operators/shift foreman before leaving the shift.

Production and efficiency reporting per machine can be compared to ideal production, while recipes are used to calculate production costs.

A library of standard reports has been built into the system which can be changed to address specific needs, and more flexibility can be applied by users who can easily create bespoke reports.

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Performance, costing analysis and reporting in GreyconMill
Shift management in GreyconMill

Shift Management

Shift management can be used to plan employee and team work schedules by defining shifts and shift sequences centrally, helping you to reduce the effort required to determine employee capacity. Record operator skills and allow assignment of machines based on skills required to operate.

Quality Tracking

Collect values for quality characteristics, either from a real-time interface to process automation/data historian or by user entry. It can also record location-specific defects.

Data Historian screenshot

Data Historian

A lightweight and simple-to-use solution that utilises the power of SQL Server and stores data in a separate database to achieve optimal performance.
Utilise the in-built dashboard to display data from the historian, and analyse the information to help with diagnostics, troubleshooting, downtime tracking, energy consumption and production/cost accounting.


Our solutions seamlessly integrate into many popular industry platforms, bringing together world-leading expertise to help our customers capture the benefits of both services.

This includes SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and various commercial ERP systems.

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Additional Products

Greycon is the leading provider of supply chain planning & optimization, production planning & detailed scheduling, trim optimization and manufacturing execution systems for roll-based & flat sheet industries; specifically the paper & board, film & flexible packaging, nonwoven, converting and metal industries.


opt-Studio® (Optimization Studio) seamlessly combines Greycon’s world-class trim optimization expertise with the capability to generate optimized block plans and detailed schedules for all machines.

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Now incorporating machine learning and patented algorithms, X-Trim® is the most widely deployed and deeply functional trim optimization system in the world. Minimizing waste to improve bottom-line profits, X-Trim is capable of handling a wide range of deckling calculations and is designed to resolve the most complex of problems.

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Greycon Analytics

Greycon Analytics enable real-time visibility of planning and production data throughout your organization. Greycon Analytics allow instant access from browsers, smartphones and other mobile devices, keeping all who need to know up to date with the latest planning and production data.

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About Greycon

Established in 1985, over 500 plants in 43 countries use our solutions. Our extremely skilled and talented employees cover 15 languages across our worldwide operation.

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