Greycon in the Paper & Board Industry

Our software solutions enable paper & board businesses to increase efficiencies and revenue, optimize trim patterns, reduce wastage and cost, while offering visibility across the entire manufacturing process.

This provides your people with more time to concentrate on achieving your business goals, running a smarter operation, all while serving your customers.

of all credit card receipts produced in Brazil have been optimized by Greycon
of all newsprint paper manufactured in the US has been optimized by Greycon
of pizza boxes manufactured in the US have been optimized by Greycon

What To Expect

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Inventory Management

The strategic utilization of existing stock reduces the stock amount, resulting in storage savings, freed up capital for improved cash flow and reduced production costs.

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Production Efficiency

New way for hosting parent is a substantial process improvement. Fewer pattern and knife changes are needed whilst the amount of raw materials used in production is reduced.

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Improved Performance & Usability

Production planning is made simple and quick, with key info available at a click of a button. Manual dependence and personnel faults during the trim are significantly minimized.

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Strategic Enhancement

With more time freed up, your team can focus more on business analysis and strategic thinking.

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Waste Reduction

Trim waste is reduced by 0.5% to 2% whilst run length is reduced by 2% without causing underproduction.

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Seamless Integration For Enhanced Efficiency

When combined with other Greycon tools, you’ll see improved delivery accuracy from 70% to 98% due to greater visibility into operations and inventory, as well as a 30% reduction in need for working capital.

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