Biofilm selects Greycon to improve planning of BOPP Production


Greycon has recently won new business with BOPP Film Manufacturer, Biofilm. Greycon will be implementing X-Trim at Biofilm’s facilities in Mexico and Colombia.

Biofilm is a major player in the international BOPP Film market. Over the years, Biofilm has added to its product lines by increasing the number of manufacturing sites and capacity thus ensuring a need for a powerful trim optimisation system by Greycon.

Greycon’s presence in the plastic film industries has grown tremendously, with the realisation that Greycon’s solutions provide a competitive edge and a return-on-investment that is measured in months for both bubble and conventional line processes.

Greycon’s advanced trim system will bring numerous benefits to Biofilm including: increased production throughput (at primary lines and metallizers), reduced waste, overrun, improved use of inventory (trim around faults, consume semi-finish stock, and reduced inventory levels due to better trim planning).

Jeronimo Alvarez, Senior Consultant at Greycon commented: “We are very pleased to announce this new partnership with Biofilm and look forward to starting the project with them. We are continuously striving to improve our solutions and ensure our clients receive the best ROI. Winning new business like Biofilm and working on new projects will enable us to have the tools to refine our extensive range of specialist software solutions.”

About Biofilm

Since its establishment in 1988, BIOFILM has looked internationally to build its business. Today with on-going sales in 19 countries in North, Central and South America as well as several in countries Europe, BIOFILM has become a major player in the international BOPP marketplace. BIOFILM’s first production facility its located in Cartagena, Colombia where today there are three modern production lines.