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Caprihans India is one of the oldest and largest Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) film manufacturers in India. The company has built its success on product innovation, investment in manufacturing, industry expertise and customer satisfaction. With seven decades of experience, Caprihans operates state-of-the-art production facilities at Thane and Nashik, in the State of Maharashtra, India.

With a strong focus on R&D activities, Caprihans has pioneered many products in India including flexible PVC films, rigid PVC films, PVdC coated PVC films, PP corrugated sheets, etc., all of which are sold under long-established registered brand names. The company’s customer list includes top names in the pharmaceutical & food processing industries.


The manufacturing process at Caprihans involves the use of calendaring machines to create jumbo rolls of PVC films which are then cut to size through a slitting process for different client requirements.

Before slitting, some of the products also require additional manufacturing processes, including lamination and application of special coatings based on the end-use. To facilitate this the firm operates several calendar lines and multiple slitters.

The slitting process was relying on manual inputs to plan and cut the PVC films, with no integration with the firm’s ERP system. This introduced a risk of manual errors within the manufacturing process and increased waste volumes from trimming.


Caprihans contacted Greycon to explore the potential to improve the slitting planning process within their factories. We recommended our X-Trim application, a world-class trim optimisation tool that offers powerful, state-of-the-art multi-threaded algorithms to find the most efficient trim solutions with full ERP integration.

This would offer the business the opportunity to improve the width utilisation of their calendaring machine, removing the risk of manual errors and reducing both work-in-progress and unassigned finished goods inventory.

Throughout the implementation of X-Trim, the Greycon and Caprihans’ team worked closely to ensure that the implementation of the solution was effective and well informed, taking into account all aspects of the firm’s operational requirements.


Since implementing X-Trim, the senior team have reported significant improvements in the efficiency of the calendaring machines, much reduced wastage across the manufacturing process and reduced planning cycle time.

The solution has significantly eliminated the need for manual processes, while overall inventory has been reduced because the slitting process is planned more effectively, ensuring that unassigned inventory is used to fulfil new orders.


  • Improvements in the efficiency of the calendaring machines
  • Reduced waste
  • Decreased manual processes
  • Reduced planning cycle time
  • Reductions in overall inventory

Greycon’s X-Trim solution has proven itself to be an excellent tool delivering great results and ease of operation. With the help of X-Trim we have been able to reduce our trim losses. It has really helped us improve the optimum utilisation of our primary machine capacity.

Mr. Deshmukh
Assistant Vice President

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