A catch up with our Athens office – continued

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This week, we caught up with Spyros, Apostolos and Joseph to learn about their experiences working at the Greycon Athens office.

Spyros Kontopantelis
Implementation Consultant
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Apostolos Meneklis
Software Engineer
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Joseph Nicolakis
Software Engineer
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When did you join Greycon?

Spyros: I joined Greycon on the 13th of June 2013.

Apostolos: I have been working at Greycon since the 1st of July 2021.

Jospeh: My first day at Greycon was the 10th of May 2021.

What do you like most about working at Greycon?

Spyros: I enjoy travelling and meeting new people. But most of all, I enjoy working alongside my fellow Greycon employees.

Apostolos: Greycon is a great company to work for with hard working staff and a rich culture.

Joseph: The spirit across the whole company and especially the friendly environment in the Greek office. The company flexibility, the management and the overall structure of Greycon.

Greycon Athens staff night out.

Do you have a favourite story from working at Greycon?

Spyros: I will always remember one night in Terneuzen, Netherlands. It was just past midnight, Esa and I were thinking of everything we could do to pass time whilst waiting to get a new GreyconMill package. The purpose of this was to test performance during a customer upgrade (2013).

Apostolos: The time that senior management including Abder, Alfredo, Jay, Jenny, Clive and Esa all visited the Greece office. We had a very nice time which included going for a big team meal.

Joseph: As I am still quite new here, I don’t have a favourite story just yet. I am sure that I will have many in the coming years.

Senior Management Abder, Alfredo, Jay, Jenny, Clive and Esa visit the Greece office.