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Arctic Paper is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality graphical fine paper in Europe. The company produces coated and uncoated wood-free paper for demanding clients such as printers, book publishers, newspaper publishers, advertising agencies, paper distributors and packaging producers. The product portfolio includes well-known brands such as Amber, Arctic, G-Print and Munken.

The products are produced at Arctic Paper S.A.’s three paper mills:

  • Arctic Paper Munkedals, Sweden
  • Arctic Paper Grycksbo, Sweden
  • Arctic Paper Kostrzyn, Poland
  • Location: Munkedal, Sweden
  • Industry: Paper
  • Products and Services: Uncoated graphical paper
  • Annual production: 160,000 tons
  • Employees: 300
  • Upgrade from current opt-Studio and X-Trim systems to new opt-Studio and X-Trim versions
  • Trim optimisation
  • Enhance functionality
  • Principal order routing to correct primary sources and finishing operations
  • opt-Studio block scheduling
  • opt-Studio detailed scheduling
  • X-Trim trim optimisation considering both paper machines and downstream operations all at the same time
  • Integration from sales order entry to production execution


  • Reduced trim waste by 0.5.%
  • 2% reduction in run-length without underproduction
  • Improved performance and usability
  • New way for hosting parent reels allows sheet widths like 1000mm to be combined with 500mm, a substantial process improvement

One of the benefits we are really pleased with with the new system is the enhanced functionality.

Johan Stengård
Planning Manager

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