Greycon in the Nonwoven Industry

Greycon’s reputation in supply chain, production planning & scheduling, and trim optimisation solutions for web and roll based manufacturing has been earned through more than 35 years of providing solutions and benefits to a wide spectrum of clients, from the small stand-alone specialist mill, to large multi-mill situations with integrated converting plants.

From our origins in the paper industry, our solutions now address many requirements in the nonwoven sector.

What To Expect

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Inventory Management

Offers visibility of on-site inventory during order optimisation, and manage the restock process to produce optimal widths and lengths according to business demand – increasing inventory turnover.

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Production Efficiency

Increased throughput using wider optimal master reels whilst reducing waste and overrun.

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Rapid ROI

Implement X-Trim within 5 weeks for nonwoven manufacturers and see a return on investment in less than 2 months.

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Streamlined Processes

Streamline processes by reducing setups linked to pattern changes and knife changes.

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Waste Reduction

Achieve instances of up to 20%-30% reduction in trim waste.

Reliable Solutions

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