Planning & Scheduling

  • Does your solution provide intelligent scheduling based on combinatorial optimisation that balances inventory costs, customer service & production efficiency?
  • Do you need to provide mobile ATP/CTP functionality that can source from production, semi-finished, finished or any mixture of these sources?
  • Do you need unlimited what-if capability coupled with the fastest scheduling engine?
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The premier advanced scheduling planning system designed and created to solve your scheduling issues, enabling you to focus on your business objectives. Delivering short-term and mid-term planning capabilities for your business, it can configure complex multi-stage production processes by sequencing the tasks on each work centre and estimate the start and end dates with several constraints.

Perfect for industries where production splits as it moves through the process; this includes, paper & board, plastic film and flexible packaging, nonwovens, metals, converting and additive manufacturing (“3D printing”).

opt-Studio: optimised block plans and detailed schedules for all machines

Key Benefits

  • Respond to unforeseen events in seconds
  • Customer service improvements through reductions in stock-outs & late orders
  • Production efficiency improvements with setup costs and grade changes reduced by up to 15%
  • Inventory and work-in-progress reductions by up to 20%
  • Simultaneous scheduling and raw material calculation
  • Integrates with X-Trim, supporting many-to-many orders to entities relationship, for precise scheduling with long production runs
  • Transportation optimisation using accurate schedules
  • Capable of unattended automatic scheduling (e.g. in the middle of the night)

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opt-Studio® (Optimisation Studio) seamlessly combines Greycon’s world-class trim optimisation expertise with the capability to generate optimised block plans and detailed schedules for all machines. A single desktop, with a unified, sleek and powerful user interface, provides fine planning functionality (schedule creation, schedule optimisation and trim optimisation) with unrivalled what-if capability; now offered with an optional mobile client.

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Key Features

  • Optimised block schedule for a short-term and mid-term horizon
  • Replenishment plans that meets your inventory targets
  • Find optimal trim optimisation solutions
  • Multi-site scheduling
  • Finite capacity scheduling
  • Define quotas to control capacity, revenue and customer service
  • Provide Available-to-Promise / Capable-to-Promise (ATP / CTP) engine for Order Entry Systems to promise dates for new order enquiries
  • Refresh the schedule automatically on every machine in a few seconds, giving full visibility of the impact of your decisions or external events
  • Just-in-time material replenishment orders, synchronised with the schedule
  • Determine the best date to place orders for raw materials
  • Release short-term plan to shop floor and receive production updates to monitor the execution
  • Compare multiple alternative solutions using what-if capabilities
  • Integrate with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems like SAP, Microsoft, & Oracle

Functional Highlights

Block Schedule Optimisation within opt-Studio0

Block Schedule Optimisation

In many manufacturing situations, there is a combination of product complexity, non-constant demand and significant switchover costs when transitioning from one product to another. opt-Studio addresses these issues through an optimisation-based approach that lets the user balance these conflicting objectives. The tool will create:

• the sequence of runs on each machine (and the customer order allocation to those)
• the needed replenishment orders for the make-to-stock products

Create campaigns for primary lines, replenishment orders for make-to-stock items, all while minimising a mix of production, setup, customer service, inventory and transport costs.

Finite Capacity Scheduling

opt-Studio is designed to generate a finite-capacity schedule very quickly. Tasks in primary and secondary machines can be automatically scheduled in just a few seconds. Scheduling and sequencing orders based on user-defined scheduling rules that consider personnel, material and stock or work-in-progress inventory (WIP) availability as well as equipment constraints.

• Takes into account raw material availability
• Considers requirements of finitely available tools
• Imposes shift patterns on machines and operators
• Can automatically determine the best machine for a task to reduce setups and bottlenecks, or balance workload
• Allows injection of existing or future stock at any stage

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Finite capacity scheduling in opt-Studio
Available to Promise / Capable to Promise

Available-to-Promise / Capable-to-Promise (ATP/CTP)

Analysing the latest schedule and determining if there is a combination of stock and machine capacity that will meet the expected date of a given order, considering as many stages of production as necessary, including finishing.

Trim Optimisation

For producers that need geometric optimisation of their material. Optimise across multiple runs in multiple machines, while automatically detecting which orders can be moved from their current run in order to improve the global trim without compromising dispatch dates.

• Minimises waste or maximises profit
• Supports different diameter problems
• Allows optional and all-or-nothing orders
• Optimises across multiple primary machines and sites, while controlling the extent of splitting

Screenshots of trim optimisation
Screenshot of Greycon materials planning

Materials Planning

Planners can make informed decisions for which comes first: raw material planning or scheduling, by simultaneously addressing both in the scheduling engine.  This enables just-in-time ordering of raw materials, as well as visibility of the delays caused by material shortages


Our solutions seamlessly integrate into many popular industry platforms, bringing together world-leading expertise to help our customers capture the benefits of both services.

This includes SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and various commercial ERP systems.

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Greycon is the leading provider of supply chain planning & optimisation, production planning & detailed scheduling, trim optimisation and manufacturing execution systems for roll-based & flat sheet industries; specifically the paper & board, film & flexible packaging, nonwoven, converting and metal industries.


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Established in 1985, over 500 plants in 43 countries use our solutions. Our extremely skilled and talented employees cover 15 languages across our worldwide operation.

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