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Greycon presenting at Asian Paper, Bangkok


Vassilis Gkamouras, a Senior Consultant at Greycon, will be speaking at Asian Paper, Bangkok, being held at BITEC between June 6-8, 2018.

Speaking on Day Two, June 7, 2018, his discussion will centre on Greycon’s view on the Internet of Things.  This is an abstract from his presentation:

The industrial landscape is radically changing with the implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) technol­ogies which will bring significant challenges to manufacturers and their vendors in terms of software and hardware. These technologies are immature whilst other vendors are fighting now to grab their space in the new landscape. However, there is no doubt that IoT is here to stay.

There are already many discussions and examples about preventative maintenance and how IoT may help manufacturers improve on the field. There is a shift from selling products or services towards selling measur­able outcomes. People in the industry discuss about OEE more and more. Vendors of Manufacturing Execu­tion Systems and Advanced Planning Systems need to embrace the new technologies and prepare for them or else, they risk ending up with obsolete systems. Designing software with modular architectures will allow for easier replacement of parts when better solutions materialise. Increasing interoperability with other systems will allow ‘plug and play’ to the new platforms and operating systems. This will extend reach outside their usual clientele who are cooperating with other software, which is stronger and has deeper specialisa­tion in certain areas.

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