Greycon releases Greycon Suite 9.0 – Future-proofing X-Trim for the next 15 years

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Greycon is pleased to announce the release of Greycon Suite 9.0. This release marks the third iteration of X-Trim front-technology in 30 years (first Fortran in 1985, then VB6 in 1995, now .NET’s C#) and now completes the migration of all Greycon products to .NET.

In addition to the front-end migration X-Trim now is also 15% faster on difficult-to-solve problems, thanks to advances in the underlying Gurobi mathematical programming libraries. Further improvements to the pattern reduction algorithms show an increase of the reductions from 23.6% (version 8.9 as compared to 8.3) to 24.0% (version 9.0).

The opt-Studio product also contains significant changes in 9.0, including the valuable aspect most requested by clients: comparing the schedule against a baseline scenario, typically set a week earlier. This will show, at a glance, any changes to customer service.

Greycon’s CEO Constantine Goulimis says: “The X-Trim front-end migration was a long and important project. We wanted to avoid losing any functionality or introduce new bugs, so, we adopted a semi-automated translation approach. This allowed us to protect the functionality, as well as track the evolving code base, which went through 7 releases over that period. The changes will cement X-Trim’s position as the leader in the manufacturing industry for next 15 years.”



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Greycon is the world’s leading provider of production planning, scheduling and manufacturing execution systems that have been designed specifically for roll-based & flat sheet industries. Greycon operate throughout the world. Greycon’s strength is the extensive range of specialist software solutions for Paper & Board, Plastic Films & Flexible Packaging, Nonwovens, metals and Converting industries supported by powerful optimisation algorithms and a highly experienced team of consultants.

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