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YFY rolls out X-Trim to Xinwu mill in Taiwan


Working towards its goal of zero emissions and zero waste, Yuen Foong Yu Paper (YFY) appointed Greycon to roll out its trim optimisation solution, X-Trim, to the YFY Xinwu mill in Taoyuan, Taiwan.  Implementation and acceptance completed in January and the project went live last month (March 2018).

Yuen Foong Yu Paper produces reading and writing, industrial and home use paper and ranks among the 50 largest paper manufacturers in the world. It is characterised by a fully integrated production chain covering upstream (forestry, pulp), midstream (paper manufacturing) and downstream (printing, packaging, and design) operations, which yield beneficial synergy effects.

Mr. Li Benyuan, IT manager at Yuen Foong Yu Paper said:  “We have worked with Greycon since February 2014 when we integrated X-Trim into our mill in Yangzhou, China.  The success of its trimming optimisation solution has led YFY to expand its usage to the mill in Taiwan. We are developing a blue print for a green business and the inclusion of X-Trim assists with both reducing waste as well as increasing production efficiencies.

“We are driven towards achieving zero emissions and zero waste.  To date we have developed methods of producing pulp that converts agricultural wastes, such as rice and wheat straws, into raw materials for paper production through enzyme-catalysed decomposition. This process reduces deforestation, carbon emissions and solves the problems of pollution from traditional chemical pulp production methods. We also participate actively in the carbon footprint verification process. During the production processes, methods of recycling to reduce the amount of waste generated are directly implemented. Existing wastes are also converted into raw materials or used as fuel.”

Tian Jinlong, Business Development Manager at Greycon said:  “Over the last four years we have witnessed Yuen Foong Yu Paper continually improving in achieving trim waste reduction, increasing overall production efficiency, and time-saving allowing its planners more time to focus on analytical rather than the routine work of feeding orders into our ERP system.  X-Trim has enabled overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) improvement through minimum pattern and knife change numbers. The software integrates easily with Yuen Foong Yu Paper’s Oracle enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and in-house manufacturing execution system (MES), optimising its supply chain management (SCM).  We are confident that YFY will experience significant benefits with the Xinwu Mill being trim optimised and look forward to sharing the success with them.”

About YFY

Founded in 1924 by Mr Ho Chuan and his brothers Mr Ho Yung and Mr Ho Yi, YFY dealt mainly in fertilisers, sugar, and grain.  ln 1946, the Neiwei factory started producing tissue paper, one-side coated paper and Kraft paper to provide packaging solutions for the rising demand for concrete. This transformation marks the turning point in the history of the company and the start of the evolution into a major player in the paper industry.  Yuen Foong Yu Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd (YFY) was established in 1950 and Yuen Foong Yu Paper is widely regarded as the pioneer of privately owned paper manufacturers in Taiwan.

In 2005 and 2007, Yuen Foong Yu Paper established independent subsidiaries for the industrial paper and consumer products division. In October 2012, the Fine paper and Board division merged with Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation and became known as YFY Inc.

YFY Inc. will continue to view paper manufacturing as its core business; while emphasising professionalism and independent operations of all business areas, as well as promoting flexible management and dynamic use of assets and resources.  Emphasis will also be put on strategic investments in the development of progressive sectors such as hi-tech industries, biotechnology, and energy sources.

YFY headquarters are in Taipei, Taiwan.