GreyconMill v1

GreyconMill is a new-generation, industry-specific Manufacturing Execution System. For a plant producing or converting sheet materials (paper, board, plastic film or metal) GreyconMill optimally plans, executes and controls production whilst providing full traceability. It uses state-of-the-art technology and a modern user interface. The vision is to achieve maximal efficiency in materials, equipment and labour. GreyconMill is fully integrated to the Greycon Suite of Advanced Planning and Scheduling solutions: opt-Studio and X-Trim.

GreyconMill 1


For management

  • Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
  • Sources real time monitoring and Business Intelligence (BI)

For planners

  • Seamlessly integrates between planning and execution bi-directionally
  • Reactive plan adjustments to unplanned events during execution

For QA

  • Powerful means to evaluates quality against profiles, tracks defect and automatically classifies material, with full traceability and genealogy
  • One-click generation of quality certificates and powerful reporting for quality analysis

For supervisors

  • Customised workflow with access control
  • Adapts easily to changes in processes, new products, machines or sites

For operators

  • A simple, fast, safe and robust tool to maximise productivity
  • Integration with process machinery minimises keyboard input
  • Operators can focus on doing what only operators can do
  • Mobile clients for roaming

Characteristics and Technology

GreyconMill represents the new-generation Manufacturing Execution system for the 21st century:

  • Smooth deployment, with minimal downtime upgrades
  • State-of-the-art user interface, simple yet infinitely customisable
  • Per-user language, regional settings and configuration
  • Online Wiki-based help and documentation
  • Rich and robust integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), planning and process automation
  • Developed with the latest Microsoft®.NET technology
  • Certified to run on the latest Microsoft® Windows and SQL Server
  • Test driven and agile methodology, ensuring top-notch software quality
  • Internal architecture designed for high maintainability and scalability

Functionality Overview

GreyconMill functionality includes:

  • Production planning & execution
  • Traceability and genealogy through all stages, including geometry
  • Unlimited customisable label creation and printing
  • Proven integration with SAP and Microsoft Dynamics ERP
  • Integration with process control equipment
  • Quality information capture and automatic action
  • Bill of Materials (BoM) explosion and consumption tracking
  • Transportation planning of orders and dispatching
  • Warehouse management
  • Performance and costing analysis and reporting

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Production Planning & Execution

GreyconMill users can review the planned schedule in both a graphical and tabular formats:

GreyconMill 2

GreyconMill allows monitoring production activity at any station in the shop floor, including Paper Machines, Winders and Cutters among others.

GreyconMill 3

Traceability and Genealogy Through All Stages, Including Geometry

GreyconMill innovative architecture allows to track any converting operation and easily model any operation. This functionality gives flexibility at the moment of implementing the product.

GreyconMill 4

GreyconMill tracks every semi finished and finished goods with complete changes history. A very intuitive diagram shows the genealogy and the information of each production stage.

GreyconMill 5


Unlimited Customisable Label Creation and Printing

GreyconMill prints labels automatically on each stage, with fully customisable information and layout, including barcode and RFID. It has out of the box support for BarTender®, “The World’s Most Trusted Labelling & Barcode Software”.


Proven Integration With SAP and Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Reference sites demonstrate close integration with the following ERP systems:

  • SAP R/3 / ECCGreyconMill 7GreyconMill 6
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • BPCS

The SAP integration is quite advanced, leveraging Greycon’s status as a Software Partner and utilises fully the certified interface to the trim sheets in SCM (APO)

GreyconMill 8


Integration With Process Control Equipment

GreyconMill has been designed with an extensible architecture to address the great variety of protocols and devices used in the industry.

GreyconMill 9

Reference sites demonstrate our large collection of interfaces, including:

  • Paper machine
    - Metso paper machine
  • Plastic extruders for automatic reel registration
    - Gloucester
    - Davis Standard
    - Brampton
    - Kiefel
  • Winders, duplex cutters weight scales and wrappers through OPC servers


Quality Information Capture And Automatic Action

GreyconMill can collect values for quality characteristics, either from a real-time interface to process automation / data historian or by user entry.

GreyconMill 10

Similarly GreyconMill records an arbitrary number of location-specific defects:

GreyconMill 11

Both defects and the evaluation of quality values against profile-based requirements can trigger automatic actions like marking items for re-work or further inspection by QA.


BoM Explosion And Consumption Tracking

GreyconMill can download the bills of material from the scheduling system. Each operation may have multiple bills of material (e.g. one can be used for the pulp mix and another for the colour):

GreyconMill 12

Material consumption is recorded as each task is executed.


Transportation Planning of Orders and Despatching

GreyconMill plans the transportation of orders based on preset routes.

The functionality includes:

  • Different loading, transportation and delivery calendars can be assigned to each route.
  • Users can check the calculated plan is correct and let GreyconMill do the planning according to set rules.
  • Alert if orders are late in production according to their planned despatch date.
  • Document creation for the transportation of each order (e.g. pick lists)

Warehouse Management

The need is to know where everything is at any given moment, so that after any material movement the operator (like a fork lift driver) can read what material to pick up and where to leave it, regardless of its location, for example: in front of a converting operation, in a warehouse or on a vehicle leaving the plant.

GreyconMill supports a hierarchy of site, warehouse and sub location. In presence of third-party warehouse managing solutions or automated warehouses, GreyconMill can interface with them.

GreyconMill supports the notion of a container, e.g. a pallet on which different items are placed. A container can be moved as a single entity.


Performance, Costing Analysis And Reporting

  • All machines have events recorded (input, output, shuts, breaks, start-ups, etc).
  • Reason codes and comments can be left by the operators/shift foreman before leaving the shift.
  • Production and efficiency reporting per machine, shift, product, substance among others.
  • Production is compared to ideal production for machine reporting.
  • GreyconMill recipes are used to calculate production costs.

GreyconMill users can easily create reports using Crystal Reports or Microsoft Reporting Services. There are a number of standard reports and these can be changed to address specific needs.