Welcome aboard! Meet Joe, Tamara and Liz

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As we head towards the end of 2023, we caught up with three of this year’s new starters to discuss their new roles and gain an insight into their first few months working at Greycon.

Greycon Joe Gotshall

Joe Gotshall
Business Development Manager
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Tamara Wysokikamien
Business Development Manager
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Liz Reed
Marketing Executive
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How have you found your first few months at Greycon?

Joe: Exciting and challenging – the software suite is complicated and highly modifiable which has allowed for plenty of learning opportunities. Friendly – the GNA team & the Marketing/Sales team are both extremely friendly and even though I’ve only met 2 people I work with (in person) they still feel like close friends and have become my work family.

Tamara: During my first few months at Greycon, I’ve been inspired by the incredible teamwork and learning culture. The collaborative spirit among my teammates has made onboarding smooth, and I’ve gained valuable insights from their expertise. Grateful for the positive environment and excited to continue contributing to this exceptional team.

Liz: My first few months at Greycon have been both challenging and rewarding. The projects I have been involved in have allowed me to apply my existing knowledge while pushing me to expand my skill set. The transition has been smooth, and I’ve been fortunate to work with a talented team that has been supportive in helping me navigate a new industry. Learning from seasoned professionals in the field has been invaluable, and I appreciate the opportunities for professional growth that Greycon provides. 

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background before joining Greycon:

Joe: I studied Pulp and Paper as my major in university. So, I began working in Papermills in the mid- 1990’s in process control and as a quality manager. I saw the immense amount of data that we were collecting, but often saw that we weren’t always using data to make well informed decisions. This led me to want to provide new technology to the industry so I became involved with Capital Equipment and selling technology solutions to various Rolled-Products manufacturers. The customer names at Greycon have been familiar to me in many instances, but the type of sale is very different than in my previous roles and I’m finding myself learning all about the supply chain and the systems used in digitisation of the supply chain. As always there is a slew of new terminology and I’m constantly learning new acronyms in my new position.

Tamara: I spent a year working at Greycon a decade ago. Then, I was responsible for a start-up for a year, and after that experience of great learning, I moved into the world of marketing in a tech fast-growing start-up. Now, I’m bringing the insights and experiences from those roles to the commercial team at Greycon.

Liz: Before joining Greycon, my academic background was in psychology. I entered the digital marketing realm through a digital marketing apprenticeship with a local IT company. This experience laid the foundation for my journey into the field, where I developed a keen interest in the intersection of psychology and digital marketing. My decision to transition into this career was driven by a desire to combine my understanding of human behaviour with the analytical aspects of marketing in the digital space. 

Why did you choose the career you have and what do you enjoy about it?

Joe: I chose this industry more than 30 years ago when I was finishing high school and choosing a major for college. The paper industry was my obsession from the time I started learning about the existence of the major – Pulp and Paper Science at a university I planned to attend. At the time I was “fascinated” by the idea of utilising forests as a raw material by which to manufacture packaging, tissue paper for hygiene, and other disposable products. My goals were to get involved in the industry in order to utilise greater recycled waste, increase post consumer content, and to try and find alternative fibres from shorter rotation crops to replace the need for virgin fibre from intact older growth forests. Once I saw the tree farms of the South-Eastern US I hoped to have the ability to work in the outdoors in a hybrid agricultural/industrial setting… Plus the pay seemed promising and the opportunities for working in areas such as the South-East and the Pacific North-Western US were numerous.

Tamara: I chose a career in marketing because I’ve always been drawn to the dynamic and creative aspects of the field. What I enjoy most is the constant change – each day brings new challenges and opportunities. In my commercial experience, I enjoy facing daily challenges and pushing myself to meet objectives.

Liz: I chose a career in digital marketing because it provided a dynamic platform to apply my psychological insights to consumer behaviour in the digital space. Digital marketing, with its ever-evolving nature and reliance on technology, offers a perfect intersection of creativity and strategy. 

What I enjoy most about my career is the constant learning and adaptation required to stay ahead in the digital landscape. The fast-paced environment, coupled with the opportunity to work on innovative campaigns and strategies, keeps me engaged and motivated. Additionally, being able to see the tangible impact of digital marketing efforts and campaigns is incredibly satisfying.  

Do you have any advice for people applying for jobs in tech?

Joe: Learn as much as you can on a daily basis by asking questions of the knowledgeable folks you meet. You can always find mentors interested in teaching and sharing knowledge through tradegroups and by reaching out online. Whenever you meet someone that you see as a valuable potential mentor – reach out to them and be clear with them that you are interested in learning from them and ask directly if they can offer you an hour every month or so to discuss your interests. Ask those people for reading materials and have them suggest other knowledgeable resources. Once you have established some knowledge and shown a strong desire to learn and better yourself, it is a great time to start networking with those folks you have met and switch from asking for reading materials to asking for opportunities to solve new problems.

Tamara: Embrace the dynamic environment of tech companies – it fosters continuous learning. Enjoy the responsible freedom given, allowing you to take ownership and contribute meaningfully to your work.

Liz: Invest time in upskilling and staying up-to-date with industry trends. Continuous learning is crucial in the tech field, and showcasing your commitment to staying updated will set you apart. Don’t be afraid to take on challenges and step out of your comfort zone. The tech industry thrives on innovation, and a willingness to embrace new experiences will contribute to your success. 

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