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A family-owned business specialising in manufacturing steel pipes and tubes for structural use.

This company was founded in early 1990 in response to the high demand for a wide variety of products produced from formed sheeting. The first tests with the machinery and equipment were made shortly afterwards and the start of the production process was formalised with their first sales made a few months later.

Being a young company, based on hard work and with the most advanced technology, the company is recognised for its competitiveness and quality of products. The needs of its customers have shown the company the right direction, motivating its success.

  • Location: LATAM
  • Industry: Metals
  • Products and Services: Steel pipe
  • Annual production: 300,000 tonnes
  • ERP System: Intelisis
  • Go-live: November 2015

The company were looking to reduce the scrap produced by their slitters.


The company introduced X-Trim for the trimming optimisation of the slitters to help reduce trim waste, while using the software as a BI analytics.


  • 20% reduction in trim waste (from 2.04% to 1.65%
  • Return on investment in less than 2 months
  • X-Trim was fully operational in production within 5 weeks
  • Aging of stripes inventory reduced from 4 weeks to 1.5 weeks
  • Aging of raw material reduced, as X-Trim accounts FIFO while optimising inventories

We are very pleased with the results produced by the Greycon system. Giving us a massive 20% reduction in waste.

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