Greycon revolutionises production through modern optimisation at leading recycled cartonboard manufacturer

London, England. – August 8th 2016 — In January 2016 Greycon implemented their world renowned system at Mel Paper, one of the largest manufacturers of recycled board in the food and general packaging industry. Mel Paper is located near Thessaloniki and is the only manufacturer of recycled carton board in Greece. Mel Paper produces more […]

KBP: A New Pattern Reduction Heuristic

Greycon is happy to announce a significant breakthrough in the transformation heuristics, used inside X-Trim to reduce pattern count without affecting waste. As outlined in the paper that can be downloaded from here, on a testbed of 120 problems, the new heuristic, called KBP, reduced the total number of patterns by 4.2% using (only) 0.24 […]

Case Study : Toray

“How I approach my job is totally different… in a good way.” Mr. Joe Whaley, Planner /Scheduler for Toray Plastics America commented on the recent Greycon project. ”The Greycon solution provides a more drilled in, deeper level of focus on customer’s needs… I can also now consider the entire schedule instead of looking at each […]

Case Study : PM Schedule Optimisation Newsprint & LWC

This case study is based on a real‐world comparison of Greycon’s optimisation‐based scheduling against the manual practice as conducted by one of our customers. Although the name of the customer is not revealed, the results presented here are extracted from the customer’s own internal presentation to senior managers. Definition of Success The customer defined the following success criteria: […]

Case Study : Cosmo Goes Live With Greycon X-Trim Solution

Greycon Ltd. is pleased to announce the successful go-live of the X-Trim solution at Cosmo Films covering the operations at two sites in India. This is the first Greycon installation in India, which strengthens the global position of Greycon and consolidates X-Trim’s functional fit to the operations and the optimisation issues of the plastic films industry. […]