Welcome aboard! Meet George, Akanksha and Ivana

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As we head towards the end of 2022, we caught up with three of this year’s new starters to discuss their new roles and gain an insight into their first few months working at Greycon.

George Bogdanos
Implementation Consultant
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Akanksha Khanwe
Software Support Engineer
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Ivana Gianfrate
European Business Development Manager
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How have you found your first few months at Greycon?

George: It has been a very interesting and informative experience so far. The working environment has been very friendly with all of my colleagues being extremely helpful and professional.

I feel that my confidence and experience has grown with each new task or project undertaken. I look forward to acquiring additional knowledge during the upcoming months and becoming an even more valuable asset to the Greycon Team.

Akanksha: My first few months at Greycon have been challenging and amazing.

The learning & development plan, opportunities, flexibility and hands-on training have been great. I have really appreciated the ongoing support from my manager, support team colleagues and London office colleagues. Greycon is a wonderful place to work, it is like a family!

Ivana: My first four months at Greycon have helped me stretch my comfort zone; I am learning new things, developing my skills, challenging myself, and contributing to a positive impact. I have felt comfortable and welcomed since the beginning of my employment. People and positive workplace culture are essential, impacting happiness, satisfaction and affecting performance. What also amazes me is the synergy and collaboration between colleagues.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background before joining Greycon:

George: Prior to joining Greycon, I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Piraeus in Athens.

Since then, I have been working for over 15 years in a variety of different IT industries. Some of my previous jobs include System Engineer & Administrator for data centres and Quality Assurance for loyalty & finance systems. I also worked as a Global Application Support Engineer in the lotteries and online gaming industry for five years.

So far, my career has been an exciting and fulfilling journey providing me with valuable skills, experience and knowledge. I am now happy to apply this to my role in the MES industry at Greycon.

Akanksha: I have an honours degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Before joining Greycon, I worked in India’s public sector for 4 years. I also worked in the UK Civil Service for a year and a half.

Ivana: I have a Tourism background; I have a master’s specialisation as a Tour operator, Travel Agent and Tourist Guide. After 2001, I had to reinvent myself and leave my hometown to start anew. My life became a book, and every fresh chapter brought a new adventure. I started working in Telemarketing, Customer Service and Sales and since then moved from Italy to the UK. In the UK I have continued building my career in Sales as an Account Manager and Executive within the software industry, this eventually landed me in Greycon.

Why did you choose the career you have and what do you enjoy about it?

George: I was always fascinated by new technologies and their possible applications. The career path I have chosen has provided me with extensive knowledge in production managing, planning and supporting end-to-end solutions in a variety of tech industries.

I always find it rewarding to see the success a marketing campaign or piece of content can bring to the company. Marketing is always the face of any company and represents everyone within the business. By collaborating with employees who work in other areas of the business, marketing helps companies celebrate all employees working achievements and strengthen positivity throughout.

Akanksha: I always wanted to work in IT and working for Greycon is like a dream come true.

I am a people person; I enjoy building rapport with customers and believe that it goes a long way. I also enjoy problem-solving and working as a Support Engineer provides me with both. There is so much to explore and every day brings new challenges that I could never get bored of. The sense of contentment is above and beyond!

Ivana: Working in sales has helped me to develop skills such as good communication, patience, listening, and problem-solving. I have found a new need to take on multiple challenges and I find satisfaction in completing them. What I enjoy the most is the continuous skill development, learning new things each day and the challenges I face. My flexibility and openness to changing environments and expectations help significantly in this career; with new processes and technologies popping up, adaptability is crucial, especially in sales. I have become resilient, and I am passionate about my job.

Do you have any advice for people applying for jobs in tech?

George: You must be passionate and hungry for new knowledge on a daily basis. Always think outside the box for providing solutions and try to imagine the entire route of the processes. Truly love what you do and always give your best!

Akanksha: Never stop believing in yourself, keep learning and growing. Greycon is a company that values you as a person which is a rare thing to see.

Ivana: My advice is not to give up; excitement and willingness to learn are key ingredients.

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