Welcome aboard! Meet Fabricio, Alfonso and Juan Carlos

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As we enter into August, we were excited to catch up with three of our new starters to discuss their new roles, what it’s like to start a job remotely, and an overview of their first few months working at Greycon.

Implementation Consultant
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Implementation Consultant
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Juan Carlos
Junior Implementation Consultant
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How have you found your first few months at Greycon?

Fabricio: These first few months have been exciting and very challenging. You can always expect there to be a learning curve for both software and industry, but I have been fortunate to have the support of several people from the Greycon team in Uruguay who have helped me a lot.

Alfonso: It has been a really interesting period that has allowed me to grow in many different aspects. The most challenging part is to acquire a good understanding of the business and a thorough knowledge of the tools. I am currently working from home, which has been a really positive experience with the known pros and cons, and I have enjoyed being introduced to many new colleagues from all parts of the world.

Juan Carlos: It’s been great! I’ve been involved in some really interesting projects and have even had my first go-live implementation. All of this while I continue to learn about our products and the industry. Due to local restrictions, I only visited the office on my first day, but my colleagues have been really helpful in guiding my induction into Greycon.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background before joining Greycon:

Fabricio: I have a degree in accounting and administration and have been working with software implementations for the last 16 years. Upon my return to Uruguay, having previously lived in Brazil, a friend of mine that works in Greycon told me about the vacancy. I applied for the role and I´m here now!

Alfonso: I actually worked at Greycon in 2007 for a brief period, and re-established contact early in 2021 due to an open vacancy. I am really glad to be back.

Juan Carlos: I am a Production Engineer while pursuing an MBA at the moment. I have previous experience in the procurement area in multinationals and have worked as a university teacher in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of the Republic, Uruguay.

Why did you choose the career you have and what do you enjoy about it?

Fabricio: Since the beginning of my professional career I have worked as a software implementation consultant. I chose this career path because it is a position with a very dynamic profile. We work with a wide array of clients where there are always new problems to solve. When we release new versions, it is exciting to share that with our clients. There definitely is no room for boredom!

Alfonso: I really enjoy programming, and as I became more knowledgeable in it, I understood that the possibilities were countless. That is what I enjoy most about my career.

Juan Carlos: It is very interesting and challenging working from Uruguay on projects in countries across the globe. Knowing that by reducing waste, we are helping the environment, which gives me peace of mind. 

Do you have any advice for people applying for jobs in tech?

Fabricio: Always try to understand the unique particularity of the client. Every client is a new world and there is always room to learn in each project. Finally, participate in training and courses while maintaining an attitude of service.

Alfonso: From my perspective, it is important to have an appropriate balance between soft skills and technical abilities while trying to improve them continuously.

Juan Carlos: Keep in mind that you must always try to find a solution that exceeds the customer expectations. For me, working in a global organisation such as Greycon means I am in touch with colleagues from other parts of the world every day, and I am always learning something new.

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