Polimeros y Derivados nonwoven minimises switchover times with Greycon

Company News

Polímeros y Derivados (PYDSA) is going live with the opt-Studio advanced functionality of block schedule optimisation, to complete the third and last phase of full project implementation.

Overall production capacity at PYDSA has increased continually over recent years necessitating PYDSA to upgrade its planning and monitoring process, optimising the efficiency of their operations and gaining better visibility across all the production lines.

Block schedule optimisation helps resolve issues common in the nonwovens industry, including product complexity, non-constant demand and high switch-over costs, when transitioning from one product to another.  opt-Studio, designed specifically for flat-based industries, addresses and resolves issues through optimising the sequence of runs enabling maximum production efficiency, optimal customer service and minimum inventory levels.

Previous phases included the implementation of detailed scheduling on multi-site, multi machine levels, advanced trimming, materials management and tight integration with Microsoft Dynamics (ERP and MES).

Daniel Castro, Planning Manager at PYDSA says: “I am impressed with opt-Studio’s capabilities, both in terms of advanced functionalities and usability, compared with other advanced planning systems I have used previously.  Since phase one went live in 2017, improvements have been achieved in sales and operations KPIs, including trim waste reduction, lower inventory levels and shorter lead times.”

Leví Cortizas, Consultant at Greycon says: “It has been a pleasure to work with the PYDSA team.  Having completed the implementation of opt-Studio integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP, it is exciting to witness the tangible benefits achieved. The implementation in parallel of ERP and Greycon solutions was challenging but, with motivated teams and disciplined working, it has been implemented successfully giving PYDSA production efficiency, reduced trim waste, faster and more accurate responses to changes in demand.  It has also increased visibility on production efficiency, inventory levels and customer service.”

About Polimeros y Derivados
Polimeros y Derivados (PYDSA) is specialised in nonwovens products with two production facilities in the city of Leon, Guanajuato (Mexico). The products are used for different applications: footwear, recovered leather, foundations, construction, canvas, filtration, automotive and cleaning.