Pattern reduction US patent 10,029,379

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Greycon’s continuing investment in its products resulted in US patent 10,029,379 relating to our work in pattern reduction. This patent was granted on 24th July 2018 and we have now received the official paperwork, whose very impressive cover page is shown here. Constantine Goulimis, the named inventor, said: “It is very nice to see this work formally recognised and that the cover page almost justifies the legal fees! By further fine-tuning this algorithm, known internally as ‘KBP’, we have been able to increase its effectiveness a bit more than is disclosed in the patent. In fact, the next X-Trim release, due early 2019, should demonstrate a further 1% reduction in the total number of patterns (compared to the current release 9.5), in our most comprehensive benchmark to date.”

 US patent 10,029,379 Greycon Ltd x-trim optimization