Greycon founder, keynote speaker’s presentation at OR Society Annual Conference 2017-

Company News

Constantine Goulimis, Greycon’s CEO was recently one of the Exclusive Keynote Speakers at OR59 on 12-14th September 2017.

OR59 is the UK’s biggest conference of Operational Research and analytics professionals, academics and practitioners.

The three-day conference was packed with 32 themed stream sessions and workshops, plus some 300 presentations, aimed at sharing knowledge, sparking new ideas, and making new connections.

Constantine presented KBP: A New Pattern Reduction Heuristic for the Cutting Stock Problem. This is a paper on the results from two variants on a new type of heuristic, which is computationally cheap and nicely complements previous ones. The paper was the result of on-going research to reduce the number of slitting patterns, a matter of great importance in some applications, particularly the plastic film industry, where the slitting process can become a bottleneck.

If you would like to learn more on Constantine’s presentation please take a look at the pdf version below: