A catch up with our Athens office

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This week, we caught up with Michail, Konstantinos and Niki to learn about their experiences working at the Greycon Athens office.

Michail Komninos
Software Developer
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Konstantinos Karamitros
Development Operations Team Lead
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Niki Xanthopoulou
Customer Support Analyst
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When did you join Greycon?

Michail: I joined Greycon in January of 2022.

Konstantinos: I joined Greycon just over 7 years ago.

Niki: I joined Greycon on the 2nd of December 2020.

What do you like most about working at Greycon?

Michail: The team spirit, since my first day at Greycon everyone made me feel that I am a vital part of the team. Every time I need help or guidance, my teammates are there to provide me with the solutions I am looking for. Also, it is worth mentioning that the quality of work taking place within Greycon is above market standards.

Konstantinos: The day-to-day work. It is a good feeling that I get the chance to work with some very polite people. Everyone does their best within their roles and on top of that, colleagues are always willing to help each other if needed. We have a great level of transparency allowing us to always see the bigger picture.

Niki: There are many reasons I like working at Greycon. The chance to innovate, challenge myself and help others all stand out. At Greycon, everyone is there for each other and there is a genuine spirit of cooperation and shared goals.
Working as part of the support team has helped me to provide better customer service and feel a sense of accomplishment. I also have the opportunity to solve diverse and challenging problems that require creative solutions, this keeps me engaged and excited.

Lunch time at the Athens office!

Do you have a favourite story from working at Greycon?

Michail: During my first day in the office, an e-meeting was organised in order for the whole team to meet me. I was surprised that everyone was so friendly and I was very thankful for the warm welcome.

Konstantinos: There are so many good moments that it feels quite unfair just picking one!
Let’s go with this one: It was another day in the office and a co-worker casually mentioned that her toddler chewed on another phone charger.
It turns out that the toddler had the habit of chewing cables around the house. Since at the time no one else had joined the “I have small kids club”, we found the situation so peculiar and immediately started joking around constructing scenarios and ended up with (I could bet) 30 minutes of laughter.

Niki: Visiting a customer for the first time in Northern Greece with the Athens support team was a great experience for me.
We had a full factory tour and I saw first-hand how operators use Greycon products on a daily basis. We discussed their issues and collaborated to provide helpful solutions to deal with their problems.
This site visit is one of my favourite stories from working at Greycon.

Greycon’s Managing Director, Abder Guezour, visits the Greece Office