Athens Office 10th Anniversary Final Round Up

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The celebrations of GGR’s 10th anniversary are officially over! A party was held in the office with balloons, food, drinks, gifts and of course a birthday cake! The Athens team had a great time together and some former employees even joined in on the celebrations! In total, 28 team members past and present were in attendance. The team are now looking forward to celebrating the next milestone.

Greycon Athens Employees
Greycon Athens 10th Anniversary
Greycon Athens 10th Anniversary
Greycon Athens 10th Anniversary

We caught up with Angelos, Miltiadis, Sarantis and Yannis to learn about their time in the Athens Office.

Angelos Angelidis
Customer Support Analyst
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Sarantis Zannakis
Senior Implementation Consultant
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Miltiadis Angelidis
IT – System Administrator
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Yannis Dimopoulos
Customer Support Analyst
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When did you join Greycon?

Angelos: I joined Greycon in July 2018.

Miltiadis: I joined Greycon on the 15th of May 2018.

Sarantis: I joined Greycon on the 10th of May 2021.

Yannis: I joined Greycon in December 2020.

What do you like most about working at Greycon?

Angelos: My favourite thing about Greycon is working alongside colleagues from across the globe.

Miltiadis: I really enjoy the great atmosphere the Greycon employees bring to the workplace.

Sarantis: Working at Greycon is always interesting and every day provides new challenges. The supportive mentality of the company helps to unite all of our employees.

Yannis: Working at Greycon gives me the chance to connect with people across the globe who come from many different backgrounds.

Do you have a favourite story from working at Greycon?

Angelos: I really enjoyed taking part in the 5km Athens marathon. It was a great motivator for the team to get in shape!

Miltiadis: During my first year at Greycon, we moved to the new office. The move came with many challenges, but in the end, a better workspace was created!

Sarantis: One of my favourite moments at Greycon was when the team decided to run 5km of the Athens Marathon. On the day before the run, we made a detailed plan to track our pace during each kilometre.

On the day of the race, Thodoris’s watch wasn’t working properly and didn’t show the correct pace. Due to this, we ended up running faster than we initially thought. The team finished the race and everyone had a great time.

Yannis: One day we found a board game that had been left at the office. To this day we still don’t know who it belongs to and how it got there!

Greycon Athens Marathon
Greycon Run 5km At The Athens Marathon

Here’s what our former employees had to say.

Petros Hadjigeorgiou: My colleagues from the Athens office always made me look forward to coming to work.

Konstantinos Portelanos: The multicultural spirit of the company has always impressed me. Having multiple branches and customers from around the world leads to meeting new and interesting people.

Marinela Marko: Whilst working at Greycon I really enjoyed the family atmosphere with my colleagues in the Athens office.

Spyridon Spyriadis: The working environment at Greycon was amazing and I still miss the Greycon GR team that we had. The people were excellent and waking up to go to work was as pleasant as having a coffee with friends.

Dimitris Terzakis: Greycon was like a big family from all over the world. The cultural diversity lead to learning about people from all walks of life.

Thodoris Adamantidis: I really liked the family like climate and the continuous challenges that working at Greycon provided.

Nikos Pramantiotis: I enjoyed working with my colleagues, each one of them willing to help with any issues raised. The management team also provided great support.