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This company contributes to the construction of competitive value chains through the provision of a variety of services, including raw materials, equipment and parts supply, steel processing, manufacturing of dies and moulds, aluminium alloys metal, sales of completed products, and recycling.

  • Location: USA
  • Industry: Metals
  • Products and Services: Steel, plastics resin, parts and equipment, dies and moulds
  • Platform: Citrix
  • Go Live: October 2017

Optimise master mill coils to slitting demand for 30 metal slitting and blanking processors, distributing to plants in North America


X-Trim optimisation tool implemented part of the customer SAP S/4HANA solution


  • Greater throughput and cost minimisation
  • Waste reduction
  • Set up reductions
  • Efficient inventory utilisation
  • Efficient planning for purchased master coils
  • Improved decision making and planner efficiency
  • Improved planned slitter rework process capability
  • Formalisation of all slitter process capability
  • Improved finished goods replenishment opportunities

We are really pleased with the progress of the project so far and are looking forward to some of the advantages Greycon’s X-Trim tool will bring to the production process. One of the key areas of improvement is the efficiency it will bring to our inventory utilisation and planning for purchased master coils.

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