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2022 was another significant year for the plastic film industry. With the global sustainable packaging market projected to be worth over $730 billion by 2030, more companies are investing in innovative and eco-friendly solutions. The fading pandemic and rising political conflict have also affected global supply chains, forcing industry leaders to adapt their strategies.

Whether it’s servicing the food industry, pharmaceuticals, or a variety of other sectors, plastic film manufacturers continue to hold an influential position in our economy. Furthermore, the shift toward sustainable solutions in response to environmental concerns remains a central theme. So let’s dive into the top 10 plastic film manufacturers of 2022 based on revenue and observe how they navigated these challenges and opportunities.

1. Amcor PLC

  • Revenue: $14.54 Billion
  • Location: Zürich, Switzerland

Amcor PLC is a Swiss-domiciled packaging giant with Australian-American roots. Specialising in the production and development of flexible packaging, rigid containers, and unique cartons, Amcor maintains a concurrent listing on the Australian Securities Exchange and New York Stock Exchange. The company’s operational base spreads across two continents, with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, and Melbourne, Australia. The sizeable workforce of 48,000 punched above their weight in 2022. Amcor boosted revenue by 13.9% to a whopping $14.54 billion, just edging out last year’s #1 – Berry Global Group.

Amcor operates two key divisions, Flexible Packaging and Rigid Plastics. It serves a broad spectrum of markets spanning the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Amcor’s packaging expertise caters to various consumer needs, including snack packaging, beverage containment, fresh produce, dairy, and pet food products. Additionally, the company manufactures specialized cartons and closures for healthcare, spirits, wines, and personal and home-care products.

2. Berry Global Group

  • Revenue: $14.5 Billion
  • Location: Evansville, Indiana, United States

Indiana-based Berry Global Group, previously known as Berry Plastics, holds a prestigious position among Fortune 500 companies. A prominent name in the manufacturing and marketing of plastic packaging products, Berry operates through a vast network of more than 290 facilities worldwide, employing over 48,000 people. Its worldwide reach allowed it to rake in $14.5 billion in 2022, a 4.66% year-over-year increase. Berry Global reaches beyond films, marking a significant footprint in the aerosol caps market.

Berry’s distinguished clientele includes renowned global brands such as Procter & Gamble, Nestle, and Coca-Cola, among others. Furthermore, Berry’s growth strategy is marked by successful acquisitions, incorporating companies like RPC Group into its portfolio. Berry’s extensive product range features diverse film types, drink cups, lids, and straws, including solutions tailored to the burgeoning cannabis industry.

3. Sealed Air Corporation

  • Revenue: $5.64 Billion
  • Location: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Sealed Air Corporation, an American packaging company, was established in 1956 by innovators Alfred W. Fielding and Marc Chavannes. It gained worldwide recognition for creating Bubble Wrap following an unexpected turn of events during an attempt to produce plastic wallpaper. Bubble Wrap became the company’s maiden product and gained popularity as a material to protect some of IBM’s first computers in transit. Cryovac, a flexible and durable plastic wrap brand, further strengthened Sealed Air’s market position.

The company’s wide product assortment includes vacuum skin packaging, food equipment bagging systems, and many protective packaging solutions. From recyclable bubbles and inflatable pouches to cushioning systems for various applications, Sealed Air also produces primary medical films, marking its presence in the healthcare sector. Having such a diversified set of offerings keeps the revenue steady, bringing in $5.64 billion in 2022, up 1.95% from 2021. These financial achievements are impressive for a workforce of about 17,300.

04. Avient

  • Revenue: $4.2 Billion
  • Location: Avon Lake, Ohio, United States

Avient Corporation, formerly known as Polyone, is an internationally recognized manufacturer of specialized polymer materials and services. With a global network of 60 manufacturing sites and nine distribution facilities scattered across North America, Europe, Asia, and South America, Avient’s reach is truly worldwide. Their sprawling presence makes it surprising that their 2022 revenue was down 12.64% to $4.2 billion from 2021’s $4.8 billion.

Avient is a leading provider of specialized polymer materials, services, and solutions. Its 8,700-strong workforce is committed to environmental responsibility. They focus on reducing the use of heavy metals and phthalate plasticizers and promoting energy efficiency and recycling. In addition, they offer a generous slate of products and services, such as custom color and additive concentrates in solid and liquid forms, specialty inks, plastisols, and vinyl slush molding solutions. Additionally, they provide high-performance polymer materials, using thermoplastic resins and elastomers combined with advanced polymer additives, for a variety of industries and applications.

05. Reynolds Consumer Products

  • Revenue: $3.82 Billion
  • Location: Lake Forest, Illinois, United States

Reynolds Consumer Products, once recognized as RenPac Holdings, is a prominent player in producing and distributing a wide array of household packaging items. The company’s product portfolio encompasses a range of consumer staples, including oven bags, food storage containers, waste bags, and slow cooker liners from recognizable brands like Reynolds Wrap and Hefty. With an impressive revenue surge of 7.34% in 2022, the company reported earnings of $3.82 billion, indicating robust growth and a strong market presence.

Operating out of the U.S. and Canada, Reynolds has a committed workforce of 5,600 employees in their numerous manufacturing units spread across the two countries. With its strong commitment to environmental, social, and governmental sustainability, Reynolds continues to establish its standing as a trusted manufacturer in the household packaging industry.

06. Inteplast Group

  • Revenue: $3.75 Billion
  • Location: Livingston, New Jersey, United States

Inteplast Group, established in 1991, is a prominent figure in North American plastic manufacturing. The company showcases its diverse portfolio through three business divisions: AmTopp, Integrated Bagging Systems (IBS), and World-Pak, catering to a wide array of customer needs. The company had an excellent 2022, posting a 19% increase in revenue from the previous year and bringing in $3.75 billion, and winning accolades along the way.

Inteplast’s impressive infrastructure includes a state-of-the-art, 575-acre manufacturing facility in Lolita, Texas, complemented by its headquarters in Livingston. These facilities contribute to a sizeable production capacity exceeding one billion pounds of finished goods annually. Interplast’s product lineup includes biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP), stretch-wrap films, plastic concentrates and compounds, grocery solutions, merchandise, fluted and corrugated-plastic sheets, and garment bags.

07. Novolex Holdings

  • Revenue: $3.6 Billion
  • Location: Hartsville, South Caroline, United States

A privately owned market leader in the packaging industry, Novolex Holdings enjoyed an estimated $3.6 billion in revenue in 2022. With a diverse clientele spanning food, retail, healthcare, and industrial sectors, Novolex has solidified its reputation for delivering high-quality packaging solutions. The company’s expansive network includes 10,000 employees, 57 manufacturing units, and two dedicated recycling facilities across North America and Europe.

Novolex places a strong emphasis on its social responsibilities, investing significantly in the well-being of its workforce and local communities. The firm also provides value-added services, such as food delivery and performance solutions, to meet varied client needs. Based in Hartsville, South Carolina, Novolex offers a comprehensive industrial product range encompassing films, bags, clamshells, containers, lidding, mailers, packaging, wraps and liners, personal protective equipment (PPE), and roll stock.

08. Sigma Plastics Group

  • Revenue: $2.5 Billion
  • Location: Lyndhurst, New Jersey, United States

Sigma Plastics Group, established in 1979 in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, has become a formidable force in the film supply and manufacturing industry, primarily catering to industrial, institutional, and governmental sectors. The company marked a significant milestone in 1993 by opening its first manufacturing plant. In 2022 it boasted an estimated revenue of $2.5 billion generated from a workforce of only 3,000.

Today, it operates through four manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and an additional site in Ontario, Canada, demonstrating notable growth over the years. As a privately-held and minority-owned company, Sigma also distinguishes itself from many of its industry contemporaries by being the largest privately owned film extrusion group in North America. Sigma Plastics Group continues to solidify its reputation as a reliable provider in the film industry by helping to pioneer the biodegradable plastics movement.

09. Printpack Holdings, Inc

  • Revenue: Approximately $1.3 Billion
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Atlanta-based Printpack Holdings, Inc. is a recognized leader in the flexible and rigid packaging industry. It had a revenue of $1.3 billion and a workforce of over 3,200 in 2022. The company’s wide clientele includes sectors like food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture. Printpack made its mark by becoming the first manufacturer of all-plastic labels for PET plastic bottles, establishing its position as the largest independently-run flexible packaging company in the U.S. by 1985.

Printpack operates several manufacturing plants across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, serving numerous Fortune 500 companies. The company’s product portfolio includes flexible packaging, digital printing, medical packaging, rigid containers, graphics and prepress, and Viscopack machinery.

10. Winpak

  • Revenue: $1.18 Billion
  • Location: Winnipeg, Ontario, Canada

Winpak Ltd is a global player in the film manufacturing industry, operating 12 manufacturing facilities throughout North America. The company provides high-quality packaging materials and innovative packaging machines, primarily serving sectors like perishable foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, medical, and personal care. Winpak’s revenue grew by 17.88% to $1.18 billion in 2022.

Winpak’s strategic alignment with Wipak, one of Europe’s largest packaging material manufacturers, allows it to tap into a global pool of talent and offer comprehensive packaging solutions for the medical industry. From its headquarters in Winnipeg, Canada, Winpak provides a diverse product range, including flexible packaging, rigid packaging, lidding, and packaging machinery.

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