Greycon's Solution


opt-Studio does not need a product structure. Many customers, particularly in the printing industries, successfully use the system without any notion of a product. For instance, instead of defining a product code for 200 gsm board, 960 mmx420 mm, 6-color printing, saddleback stitch binding, with opt-Studio one can define properties that characterise a product (such as color, basis weight width, length, watermark, sheeting type, packing type and palletization), then define an appropriate route, through fundamental operations. Each operation can have its own units of measure and its own waste figures

  • Split tasks (or series of tasks) and run the same process in different machines at the same time to increase throughput.
  • Interrupt long tasks to interleave higher priority jobs.
  • Define a batch size for each operation, to start dependent tasks as soon as possible.
  • Sequence the tasks of each machines balancing setup costs against customer service.
  • Dynamically distribute tasks among similar machines to reduce setups and balance the load.
  • Schedules can consider setup and runtime skills for each task. The availability of the skills is governed by calendars.
  • Finitely available tools, such as plates, can be modeled.
  • Build simple yet powerful models with partially-defined products and order level attributes.


Some of Greycon's Printing Clients



De La Rue International Ltd  provides security paper and printing services, sale and maintenance of cash handling products and services, identity systems, brand protection, and holographics.




LamiGrafLamiGraf S.A. designs paper covering products. The Company provides decorative paper for the surface covering of furniture, floor tiles, and industrial machinery. Lamigraf conducts business in Spain.




Neografia produces first-rate full colour Neografiabooks, magazines, catalogues and packaging of top quality. Neografia has a complete inclusive production cycle starting with pre-press through the first-rate web and sheet print and finishing with sophisticated binding treatment.