Constantine Goulimis, CEO and Founder, GreyconDr Constantine Goulimis - CEO

Constantine is one of the founders (in 1985) of Greycon. Constantine was born in Greece and studied mathematics at Cambridge (BA, MA) and Control Systems at Imperial College (M.Sc.). He completed his Ph.D. in combinatorial optimisation, the cutting stock problem also at Imperial. He is particularly proud that some of the code he wrote then is still in daily production use at many plants around the world, as part of Greycon's X-Trim.

In the Greek army he learned, among other things, exactly how many chickens it takes to feed a regiment and has amassed collection of army stories to tell. He has also served as Deputy Director of the Industrial Systems Group at Imperial College. During 2010 he also consulted with the Greek Ministry of Finance, advising on how tax collection could be improved; the proposals were adopted a month later. In November 2013 he attended the 3-week Advanced Leadership Programme at Cambridge.

Management Team

Abder Guezour - Global Business Development Manager, GreyconAbder Guezour - Business Manager

Abder has an MSc in Industrial Engineering (France) and MBA from Durham Business School (UK).

Abder started his career as a Project Manager with Alcatel in France in 1998 before joining Greycon in 1999. During his first eight years at Greycon, he worked as an Implementation Consultant, Project Manager and Professional Services Manager, contributing to the successful delivery of a number of projects and building a close relationship with our customers. He then took the role of Regional Manager EMEA, with responsibility for Professional Services and Sales, followed by his current Global Management and cross-functional role of Business Development.

Abder has in-depth knowledge of all the Greycon solutions and offerings (Sales & Operations Planning, Production Planning & Detailed Scheduling, Trim Optimisation, Manufacturing Execution System), the integration projects and the customers, having contributed over the years to the solutions design and road map, implementation projects and sharing industry best practices with customers.

Alfredo Olivera, Greycon Product Manager opt-StudioAlfredo Olivera - Product Manager: opt-Studio

Alfredo is a computer engineer (UDELAR) and has a Masters in Operations Research.  Alfredo joined Greycon in 2006.  He has worked in the product development team and is a specialist in optimisation algorithms and scheduling.

He also spent ten years lecturing Operations Research at UDELAR.

Andres Bonelli - Regional Manager Latin Andres Bonelli, Greycon Regional Manager Latin AmericaAmerica

Andres is a software engineer from UDELAR, and has been with Greycon since 2000. He helped establish the Greycon Latin America office in Montevideo. He has participated as lead technical consultant in projects in USA, Europe and Asia as well as in product design activities.

Clive Beckhelling, Greycon global support managerClive Beckhelling - Global Support Manager

Clive has a background in production planning and joined Greycon in 2000.

He started his career at Greycon in a QA role before moving to the Support team over 10 years ago. He has also worked as a functional consultant on a number of projects mostly in Europe.

Esa Orola, Greycon's Global Consultancy ManagerEsa Orola - Global Consultancy Manager

Esa has a Masters in Industrial Management from Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland and has been with Greycon since 2003.  Esa started as Junior Consultant and progressed to Project Manager whereafter he was appointed EMEA Consultancy Manager and subsequently Global Consultancy Manager.

Esa has been involved in over 30 projects and has experience in business consulting, manufacturing execution, production planning, trim optimisation, system integration and project management in our largest global projects.

He has led various implementations of single and multi-site trim optimisation systems with full integration to external ERP and MES systems; implementations of detailed planning and scheduling systems globally; and headed up large implementation projects with International Paper, Elocoat & Elopak, Fiskeby, MEL Paper and Reno De Medici.

Jay Jordan - Sales Manager North AmericaJay Jordan, Greycon Sales Manager, North America

Jay was one of Greycon’s first customers in North America while working for Gilman Paper Company. Jay has a Business Degree from Georgia Southern University and a Master’s Degree in Management/Organizational Behavior from Georgia State University in Atlanta. Jay joined Greycon in November of 2000.