Greycon Services

Greycon supports with a range of services to ensure smooth and effective implementation and continuous trouble-free operation. Our staff of professionals offers a range of skills, functional and technical, and are expert in our project methodology, Greycon applications, and customer service.

Project Management

All Greycon projects are developed following Project Management Institute ( best practices. The Greycon Project Manager works alongside the Customer Project Manager to ensure that proper scoping, planning, resource management, and issue resolution keeps the project on target.

  • Collaborative creation and maintenance of project plan
  • Resource allocation plan
  • Scope management plan
  • Risk management plan
  • Project communication plan


Greycon consultants have 200+ years of accumulated experience resolving problems related to Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Trim optimisation and production planning in dimensional industries. They are trained and prepared to perform the following activities, both on-site and remotely:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Solution Design & Project Planning
  • Solution Implementation
  • Technical: Installation, Interface Design & Configuration, Application Integration
  • Functional: Analysis & Design, Application Configuration, Modeling, Test Management, Go-live Support & Knowledge Transfer


Greycon consultants provide custom-tailored application training for individuals or groups of up to 10 people. Greycon typically brings the training to our customers' work site or to a nearby off-site location to minimize distractions.

Boost Your Trim

An opportunity to improve your current X-trim implementation and increase the planners’ skill and knowledge with a one-day on-site consultation.

Get advice, training, usability best practices, and be briefed on the new features that will help you to reduce waste.

This includes:
• An audit of the trimming process implementation and results as a one-page written report of suggestions and recommendations
• Upgrade to the latest X-Trim version with Standard Interfaces
• One day on-site clinic visit (includes 4 hours on the job refresher training)

opt-Studio Tune-Up

Enhance the accuracy of your scheduling and take advantage of performance improvements, plus new features in latest versions.

Increase your planners’ and schedulers’ skill and knowledge base with a two day on-site consultant clinic. Get advice, training, and learn industry best practices.

This Includes:
• An audit of the scheduling process implementation and results as a one-page
written report of suggestions and recommendations
• Data integrity check and clean up
• Upgrade to latest opt-Studio release
• A two day on-site visit
• Comparison of software time on key functionality between your current version and
the new version
• 12 month license of web reports
• A half day of training (and documentation) for you to create your own reports

Annual Check up of GreyconMill MES

Get expert advice from a Greycon consultant in a three-day on-site visit. Interview shop floor users, evaluate and propose solutions to improve the installation productivity and robustness.

This includes:
• Training
• Evaluate alternatives to close any key functionality gaps
• Setup adaptable screens for users (new functionality)
• Review HBM alerts and notifications
• Define escalation path and actions on each alert
• Reports summarising all the alerts defined, what their purpose is, what action should be taken when they are triggered and who the person to be notified is
• A three day on-site visit

Refresher and Advanced Training Courses

With our advanced training courses you can get remote training on our products from one of our industry experts.

Do you have new people on the planning department? Any market changes? Or new products coming out?

Our products are designed to lead the industry trend, thus we recommend to empower your planners with our professional training.

This includes:
• A preparatory phone conference call with one of our training consultants to go over your training requirements.
• A personalised class curriculum will be prepared
• Three sessions each for two hours will be given during a two week period via Webex

Rapid Reporting Deployment

Greycon software manage all the important data regarding the scheduling, optimising and execution of the Mills and provide a set of standard reports with all our packages.

However, sometimes a customised report is needed to satisfy some customer specific requirements.

This includes:
• A Webex and phone call meeting where the requirements of the new report will be provided and explained by you, the customer
• One day to create the required report
• This service package is valid for X-Trim, opt-Studio and GreyconMill

Real-Time Monitoring Of Your Greycon System

We react as soon as the first symptom of a problem appears.

Greycon will remote monitor your systems and have the peace of mind that everything is running as it should. Make sure that the mission critical GREYCON AND CONNECTED systems are up and running.

The Greycon Monitor Centre will keep watch and raise an alarm when there is specific problem in manufacturing.

This includes:
• Services monitoring
- Printing
- Middle-Tier
- Integration Manager

• Applications monitoring
- Tailored alarms

• Operation system monitoring
- CPU usage
- Memory Usage
- Disk space

• Network monitoring
- Device availability
- Latency
- Lost packages

• Database monitoring
- Size
- Fragmentation
- Response time
• Monitoring system installation and
- Centralised dashboard

• A budget of 5 days development time and configuration for alarms

• Definition of escalation process for each alarm

• Remote 24x7 monitoring with remote help from one of our experts for specific scenarios.

• Total effort: 1 day + 5 days of development

Clean Up Your Data

As the system schedules, optimises and executes through the years, the amount of data generated becomes exponentially bigger.

It will become necessary to have our experts evaluate and clean up any old unused data, archive as appropriate and remove from operational database or file logs.

This includes:
• A Greycon expert will remotely log into your system and complete a thorough evaluation of the data situation
• A detailed report will be presented with a set of specific actions to be taken
• Remote help will be provided to help the local IT department set up the required process to automate the data clean up from then on

GreyconMill Resident Engineer

A Resident Engineer is a Greycon expert who visits your site and helps with specific challenges.

Greycon can offer a resident engineer for varying periods of time. Use this service packages when there are specific execution needs or when you need help to keep you working on your core business.

Interim/Part time: A solution might be a commitment for two full days on-site every two weeks for a period of 6 months (26 man-days).

Long Term: A semi-permanent assignment. 3 weeks, 5 days per week every month for a 12 month commitment.

This includes:
An on-site GreyconMill resident engineer for:
• System fine-tuning
• Analyse trends in the manufacturing process
• User training
• Specialised technical training for your help desk
• System maintenance
• Write customised reports
• Develop internal regression test documents and test protocols to ensure smooth upgrades