Global demand for plastic films is forecast to grow by 4% per annum to 2021 reaching 73.3 million tonnes, according to Smithers Rapra.  BOPP films have one of the highest growth rates of films during this period whilst PVC is forecast to show no growth due to competition from other plastic films.

LDPE/LLDPE and HDPE films and sheets segments are also anticipated to observe lucrative growth rate.

Growing global consumption is a major factor driving growth and demand from application industries and rising prominence of eco-friendly and water-soluble films have increased the utilisation of plastic films and sheets in the global market.

Active lifestyle, demographic changes and rising sustainability trends have been driving innovation and providing opportunities in key sectors and enhancing the value of plastic films.  Growing demand in emerging economies of Asia Pacific, and Central and South America, is likely to augment the demand.

Greycon’s presence in the plastic film industries has grown tremendously, with the realisation that Greycon’s solutions provide a competitive edge and a return-on-investment that is measured in months for both bubble and conventional line processes.

Greycon Plastic Film Case Studies


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Industry-specific functionality includes:

Trim Optimisation

  • Metalisation
  • Define own units of measure
  • Width selection
  • Evaluate multiple alternative positions of the middle knife with one click
  • Defect handling
  • Slitter winder width arm and core extensions
  • Multiple slitter/winder pattern set count
  • Slitter/winder alternating core types


  • Attribute-based scheduling
  • In-house materials, taking finished products and exploding them backwards
  • Lamination, including scrim
  • Metallisation
  • Tarp process

Manufacturing Execution

  • Multi-layer films, with different recipes / Bill of Materials for each layer
  • Bubble and conventional processes
  • Lamination, with multiple materials (e.g. aluminium, scrim)

Some of Greycon's Plastic Film Industry Clients

ACG Pharmapack PVT Ltd

Amcor Flexibles Venturina S.r.l.

Sibur – Biaxplen


Caprihans India Limited

Cosmo Films

Videolar-Innova S.A.




Max Speciality Films Limited

Polo Films S.A.

SRF Limited

Taghleef Industries S.L.U.


Toray Plastics

VF Verpackungen GmbH

Victrex Manufacturing Ltd