Case Study : Stora Enso Fors

"Actually we had no direct intention to replace our present planning system, but an ongoing ERP-project put new demands up on us. The idea was that the sales offices world-wide should be able to respond with "day at customer" while they had the customer on the phone. To be able to do that in a confident way we needed a system that checked our production cycle, available capacity, already booked orders and could determine which working processes were needed to fulfill the specific order. Our old system was not capable of doing this" says Annika Bertilsson, responsible for the planning department in Fors.

After an in-depth evaluation of possible suppliers the mill chose Greycon. "We noticed immediately that they understood what we talked about and had a deep knowledge about papermaking and the processes involved in planning and deckling. The software also looked intuitive and easy to work with for us planners. That the totally PC based solution also proved to be comparably cheap only made the choice easier" adds Curt Olsson, planner at Fors.

"We have now gone live with the first parts of the finite planning system S-Plan® and have been using for several months the trim optimisation system DeckleBench. Our experience has been very positive. First of all, it has been easy to work with Greycon. They have been obliging and accommodating towards our needs. The fact that they have a deep knowledge about papermaking has made it easy to communicate. Normally I get involved in this type of projects because they tend to run into problems. Computer projects have a tendency to cost much more and to use up more time and resources than budgeted. This time I have met a cheerful and enthusiastic project group. The cost is within budget even if it has taken longer than what we calculated in the beginning", says Carl-Eric Backstrom. the Managing Director of Stora Fors.

"We are still not running all modules of S-Plan®," comments Annika, "but our expectations are that the more functions we implement the faster and more precise we can service our sales offices and their customers".

"DeckleBench has also given better utilisation and decreased our costs because it is very user-friendly and makes it easy to find the optimal solution. Our old system was good and we didn't really expect any improvement. The staff on the winder has also noticed fewer knife changes. The system is easy to learn because it is intuitive. A new guy in our department, who earlier worked on the winder, could already after 3 weeks, work independently and make totally acceptable solutions even though he had no experience in working with PCs. Now we often have under 100 kilos waste for runs of around 300 tons" says Curt Olsson.

"Other functions from Greycon that we are considering to implement, like the Internet based solution, WWW-Ord-S , means that we will be able in the future to offer our customers an even better and faster service. This is important to us, as we always strive to be the best paperboard supplier in all categories" Annika Bertilsson sums up.