Case Study : VPK

Stateless Integration with SAP London – Greycon is pleased to announce that the world’s first new generation mill system is now live since 1 February 2004 at VPK’s Oudegem mill. The system uses the latest technology from SAP, including the Mill Product extensions and APO®, which is seamlessly integrated with Greycon’s trim optimisation (X-Trim) and […]

Case Study : Stora Enso Fors

“Actually we had no direct intention to replace our present planning system, but an ongoing ERP-project put new demands up on us. The idea was that the sales offices world-wide should be able to respond with “day at customer” while they had the customer on the phone. To be able to do that in a […]

Case Study : Kodak

During the week of April 5, 1999, a key part of Kodak’s world-wide ERP implementation went live in Rochester NY. The project, dubbed S2 internally (and which had at its peak over 80 people working on it), represented the first one that deals directly with manufacturing scheduling and execution. Building 9 of Kodak Park, where […]

Case Study : Durango Paper Company

Making the most of It – Trim optimisation at Durango-Georgia Paper Company Durango-Georgia Paper Company, Saint Marys, Georgia, has the capacity to produce 410,000 tpy of coated bleach board, uncoated free sheet, and kraft grades. Striving to increase productivity, improve efficiency, react quicker to customer’s changing needs, and increase profitability is a constant battle for […]

Case Study : Don & Low Case Study

Background Many of Don & Low’s systems were not Millennium compliant and Don & Low decided to replace all of their business systems. S-Plan had been identified as the best fitting scheduling package prior to the millennium project and the fact that they were strategic partners with the selected ERP supplier reinforced the earlier decision. […]

Case Study : BPX films

Situation Bryce is the dominant converter of light-weight film for snack packaging and related uses. Efforts are focused to serve three specific markets in the United States: Snack Food Packaging Candy and High Performance Packaging Document Protection bpx films, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bryce, is located in Houston, Texas. The primary business objectives of […]

Case Study : Roll Stock Optimiser

How a converting plant cut its inventory by 33% and reduced its processing waste by 14% Pressure to become more competitive, cut costs, improve efficiencies, reduce waste, reduce inventories, and maintain or improve service are day to day activities for managers in today’s marketplace. Sometimes these conflicting objectives can be satisfied through the use of […]